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American Welding Society - Welding Journal
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Robotic Welding of Aluminum space Frames Speeds Introduction of Sports Car
Sixteen months is not much time to design and produce a production-ready, street-legal, totally modern reincarnation of one of racing 's most legendary vehicles —in fact, it 's unheard of. But when the chairman...Go
New Developments in Aluminum Shipbuilding
This article was inspired by current activities within the U.S. military, the extraordinary developments in aluminum shipbuilding that have been taking....Go
Friction Welding of Aluminum Cuts Energy Costs by 99%
Engineers of Mazda Motor Corp. have introduced a new welding technology in the production of the RX-8 sports car. The aluminum rear doors and hood of the....Go

NJC Materials Joining Technology Presented at DMC 2003
The Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC), hosted by the U.S. Air Force in conjunction with the Joint Defense Manufacturing Technology Panel (JDMTP), was held in Washington, D.C., December 2003. Based on the theme "Defense Manufacturing...Go

Building a Foundation for the Future of Welding Education

The Education Committee (EC) has been very active in making welding education better not only for the balance of this decade but beyond. I'd like to tell you about some of the committee's objectives and accomplishments....Go

Each month the WELDING JOURNAL delivers news of the welding and metal fabricating industry. Stay informed on the latest products, trends, technology and events via in-depth articles, full-color photos and illustrations, and timely, cost-saving advice. Also featured are articles and supplements on related activities, such as testing and inspection, maintenance and repair, design, training, personal safety and brazing and soldering.

An AWS membership benefit, the award-winning Welding Journal is also available through an annual subscription of 12 issues. Call the American Welding Society for membership and subscription information at 1-800-443-WELD, ext 290 or complete your membership application online.

Authors interested in submitting articles to the Welding Journal should familiarize themselves with the Author Guidelines available as a download .doc file.

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